Deion Sanders' daughter Deiondra joins Bikini Basketball League

deiondra-sanders-bikini-basketball-league.jpgDeion “Primetime” Sanders has one of his children following in his jaunty footsteps — arrange of. His daughter Deiondra has assimilated a Bikini Basketball League. She tweeted a above design several weeks ago, captioned, “Getting prepared for basketball practice.”

Deiondra tells Toronto’s Fan 590 that it’s not utterly as carnal as it sounds.

“At initial we was a small disheartened though afterwards we found out that we
only wear sports bras and spandex. We’re not using down a justice in
bikinis, that we know many of we wish we was. So once we found that out I
wasn’t disheartened during all,” says Deiondra.

Deion wasn’t that gratified when he primarily found out, though a miss of tangible bikinis seems to have calmed his fears.

“My father was kind of upset, though that’s like any primogenitor who only sees bikini league. He suspicion we was gonna be out there in a bikini. He [saw] a design of a uniform and things like that, so we consider once he saw that we’re indeed lonesome adult a small bit, he wasn’t as concerned,” says Deiondra.

Deiondra has been sealed to a Atlanta Peaches. There are 8 teams altogether — a Peaches, a Chicago Crave, a Illinois Heart, a Los Angeles Ice, a Miami Spice, a Minnesota Mist, a Orlando Lady Cats and a Philadelphia Diamonds.

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