Deion Sanders’ Daughter Joins Bikini Basketball League, Says Dad Was Fine With Decision Once He Saw Uniforms

Deion Sanders’ Daughter Joins Bikini Basketball League, Says Dad Was Fine With Decision Once He Saw Uniforms

Deion Sanders and Wayne Gretzky might wish to turn friends after this one.

Sanders has assimilated a ranks of famous sports dads whose daughters have also entered a open eye, and not indispensably in a best of ways. While Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina, has gained Internet celebrity through her Instagram feed, Deiondra Sanders (yes, a good delivery of her father’s name) is removing courtesy for a rather sports-related endeavor.

Deiondra is fasten a Bikini Basketball Association, and during first, her father wasn’t too thrilled, she told radio hire a Fan 590 in Toronto.

“My father was kind of upset, though that’s like any primogenitor who only sees bikini league,” she said. “He suspicion we was gonna be out there in a bikini. He [saw] a design of a uniform and things like that, so we consider once he saw that we’re indeed lonesome adult a small bit, he wasn’t as concerned.”

Deiondra has some knowledge personification basketball, and she says she’s been practicing up, as she expects a joining to be competitive.

“It’s a lot opposite since we indeed do have players, genuine basketball players, that indeed have played in a WNBA before,” she said. “So we consider that this will make a difference, since people are unequivocally gonna see real-life hoopers. They only demeanour good while doing it. … When we hear bikini league, we don’t consider of people who can unequivocally play. All honesty, we only consider of lovable girls out there personification basketball. When we indeed went to use and stuff, as we pronounced before, it’s girls who played overseas, that’s played 4 years of college round during Georgia Tech. So we was kind of like, ‘Wow.’ That kind of frightened me for a small bit.”

Deiondra pronounced she hopes a joining will give her an event to have “a certain voice” and to change some disastrous open perceptions she’s created. And, like her father, she was happy to hear that a Bikini Basketball League was a small classier than it primarily sounded.

“At initial we was a small discouraged” about what she suspicion a players had to wear, she said. “We’re not using down a justice in bikinis, that we know many of we wish we was. So once we found that out we wasn’t disheartened during all.”

Sounds like a eminent cause, and during slightest it keeps a family together.

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